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From the most followed royal families in the world, the Great Britain Monarchy was still in the first row of the agenda with a new crisis.

Queen II. Elizabeth’s granddaughter Prince Harry and his wife Meghan’s descriptions that many people think that many people live in a fairy tale, once again showed that their lives are not pink.

King VIII. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan crisis of Edward from the throne to Meghan Crisis Here are the Great British Monarchy on the scandals:

VIII that puts love in front of the public responsibility. When Edward announced that he waived the throne in 1936, a real earthquake had been experienced in the country. The king remaining on the throne of 326 was divorced twice, announced that the Anglican Church refused to get married with the Wallis Simpson. Its replaced brother and Queen II. Elizabeth’s Father King VI. George had received. He was aforosis from society.

The princess mentioned as the youngest sister and “steep-headed princess” of the queen mentioned the behavior of the princess that he or she often does from Margaret itself, udip and courtesy. Margaret, who had to give up his love to Peter Townsend to Divorsed Peter Townsend, Margaret married the fashion photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960. The couple was divorced in 1978 following a large number of deception coming on the press.

“Horribilis” for the Queen 1992 was a year. The full equivalent of this word from Latin is “terrible”. All three of the Queen Elizabeth’s four children realized marriages full of chaos. The most striking story between the divorced siblings was the 11th annual wife of Prince Charles of the throne of the throne to Diana in 1996.

The other son of the same year followed the Prince Andrew da Charles. The wife Sarah Ferguson caused the picture of the photo pair to divorce the fiscal consultant’s toes while the fiscal counsel was sunbathing on the south of France. But although they were divorced and experienced York and the Prince Andrew continued to interview the royal family in the royal family. He even went to the binary further and continued to live in the Ferguson Prince’s house so far.

The Queen’s only daughter Princess Anne also explained that he decided to divorce in 1989 after three years of starting living apart from his wife.

The Queen had been the focus of criticism due to the fact that Diana was not reacted when Diana was a tragic traffic accident in Paris.

However, millions of British Buckingham Palace of British Buckingham Palace, who could not handle the tears. In this order, Prince Charles and Queen were closed to the balmoral mankan in Scotland and did not impair their silence. This situation continued until the Queen prior to the funeral ceremony was to the public call from television.

The name includes sexual harassment scandals to the children and hanging himself in prison, Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew is established at the first place of this ‘private’ friendships. After the death of Epstein, the prince was on a face to face with very heavy accusations.

Virginia Roberts announced that Epstein himself was forced to enter sex with Prince Andrew before the age of an American woman named 18 years old.

In BBC, he had not been convincing by the People, the Prince who defends himself and the event that denied the event. After his university and companies in the cooperation, he started to live a life away from the eyes.

At a time that no one expects Prince Harry and his wife in Meghan, he announced that they waived their rights in the royal family. From March 31 of March 2020, the couple’s all ties with the family were officially last.

Among the reasons of this decision, Prince William’s wife Kate’s allegations that he or she claims Meghan, and the claims that lie from Buckingham are made of lying explanations.

The Couple living in the United States, on March 7, the famous black server of the CBS television has made an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he had been rejected with the concern of the psychological support of the Royal Family of the Royal Family in Meghan Buckingham.

This year, the son of the son of 2 was pregnant to Archie, as it is questioned whether the child’s color of the child is ‘dark’ in the royal family of the royal family, he said in the same interview.

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