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The biography of the Şevket Süreyya Aydemir between the years. Şevket Süreyya Aydemir’s Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s biography book, which is neutralized in a neutral manner, the only man reads the only man.

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I arrive at the house before I came here and access it. If the book is carefully examined, the formation process of the Kemalist revolution, conflicts within the Kemalist movement, this conflict Mustafa Kemal Pasha’s relationship with and his surroundings, the Republic of Turkey ‘s organization, the organization during the events, revolutions, making the revolutionary aim, based on these revolutions or based to be studied The studies between these resources are the contradictions of the revolution for the settlement of the revolution, the points that are required to apply Mustafa Kemal to complete the accurate and incorrect sides of the Kemalist Kemal, and why they are due to the fact that they are due, caused by the cause, and why they cannot be made, caused by the cause. According to what they are staying and the revolution was formed.

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